I love to cook and I love to feed people.  I started cooking professionally, selling Egyptian Style food at festivals, events and markets in London and farther afield.  They were good times, and I am proud to have been one of the pioneers selling high quality food at festivals.
My catering company Tastes of the Nile, was based in my eatery of the same name in London, NW8. I am proud to say that I quickly gained a 5* status on TripAdvisor and was for a time, listed as one of the top ten places to eat in my area.
I have worked as a Private Chef, catered for many private and corporate events and been part of large brigades delivering food to some of London's most prestigious events.  I have worked as a development chef, designing and trialing dishes for a healthy eating, wellness project.


Now I am starting a new chapter in my life and am sharing my passion for good food, and good living.  I  am developing my own new, interesting dishes and canapés to serve to my clients. 


MY KITCHEN has opened for business and I am delighted to offer truly, great food made with love and attention to detail. My food is genuine, honest food that follows the seasons and is a reflection of the kind of food I grew up with and enjoyed eating while living in Italy and Greece.  There will also always be a place in my heart for authentic Egyptian dishes from my husband's homeland.  Food that is utterly delicious, full of flavour and steeped in history.